Friday, June 23, 2006

It's Poetry Time! (beware, ye practicals)

So this is, like, a songy-poem-thing I done wrote a few years back.
I recently found it in one of my sobby journals. I dig it, cos' I done wrote it.
You should, too. If not, tell me where you live, and I'll come over and ask you why you read it....

Coming home to my loneliness
I let my feet dangle
amid the dark, sleigh-bell sighing of sadness' angle
It hurts, but it glimmers
Dark Blue
It keeps up the soulful vigil--it's part of you
Webs of thought
Push demandingly up front
What for? How could this be relevant?
Imagine eating cereal at this hour!
The cracks in the ceiling have never held so much power...
Above me is a ceiling
But I see nothing
Wondering if this is good or bad
It's 12:15am and
I feel hunger
Quite alien from those as a child I remember having had...

I'm almost tempted to tap out, like a court stenographer, the stoned-out fight which emerged from drunken goodwill and car fixer-up shit between my neighbor and whoever else is over there with him.
All I hear are raised voices and "I don't wanna fightchoo, man! I don't wanna fight, no!"

Awwwwww... I kinda see hugs and a bit of puking. All is well with the world, then.


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