Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Scanner Dorkly

It's so nice to have our scanner up, connected and working again.
This means you can dig up crazy old pictures of yourself and equally insane loved ones, and make public the silly shit you did which made you pee yourself at the time you did it, and still does, you cracked old fart, you...

Observe the colorful (meaning shades of puke circa 1972) car-salesman jacket! The overly-strong prescription glasses!
The hat!
Lordy, I have no idea what the snot-green goblet and the mustard sitting on the counter have to do with anything, but
do I have the Pumpkin for YOU!

This would be Sharon, my younger sister. You can tell she's really loving the Pumpkin, all hunched over and scarfy and protective and retardedly Franken-fool about it.

Good times. Goooood times, my friends.


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