Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jerri Blank... You're My Hero!

I simply CANNOT wait.
Right now, I wish I lived in New York. Or at least had a nice hookup with someone who works for the travel industry, so I could get my freak on and see "Strangers With Candy: The Movie", debuting in NY TODAY, JUNE 28TH. Gahhhh!
Damn hipster city.

Oh, but I'll be right there when it opens here in Chicago on July 7th. Hell, I'll be the first one in line, dammit!

(FYI- above is a picture of Jerri's real mom, after giving her child away in return for a pitcher of beer. LOVE it!)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Surrounded by Punks!

Me and my nephews, Jake and Brennan. What does one do? They're hamming it up homey-style. Dern punks. Punks that like sweets. We'll see what it does to their pre-teen bodies... heheheh...

Ohhh! Man down! Too much cake, punkey?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Haha! You Be Stuck, Now!

I kid. Here's a lovely picture of my sister, Christine, and new hubby, Kevin, after the deal was sealed on Sunday, June 18th, 2006.

The wedding was gawgeous, and much fun, frolic and fancy food was had at a mansion in joliet.

Now the happy peeps are off in Costa Rica, honeymooning, fending off monkeys and getting a nice sunburn.

And getting stuff for my parents, who, well, deserve it big, fat time.
And for my sister, Sharon, who's taking care of their hyperactive dog, Roxy, while they're away.
And also for me, I hope. 'Cos I like stuff from places I'll probably never get to.

Congratulations, my seester and new brother-in-law! Two more groovy cats could not exist!

How Can You Be a Princess Wif That Tongue Hanging Out?

This is my niece, Hailie. My brother's beautiful girl with his beautiful Korean wife. Hailie's nickname is Bug.
She likes strawberries, beef stew, ice cream with sprinkles and Cool-Whip, and "princess colors".

And dancing around and shrieking. She's totally better at it than I ever could be, and for that I boweth down.

She wants to be a princess. I know she wished for it on her 7th birthday (cake and present aftermath, as we see here).

But princess of what? Of ROCK. She'll start her first band in 2 years.

Oh, she's one of US, alright...

Friday, June 23, 2006

It's Poetry Time! (beware, ye practicals)

So this is, like, a songy-poem-thing I done wrote a few years back.
I recently found it in one of my sobby journals. I dig it, cos' I done wrote it.
You should, too. If not, tell me where you live, and I'll come over and ask you why you read it....

Coming home to my loneliness
I let my feet dangle
amid the dark, sleigh-bell sighing of sadness' angle
It hurts, but it glimmers
Dark Blue
It keeps up the soulful vigil--it's part of you
Webs of thought
Push demandingly up front
What for? How could this be relevant?
Imagine eating cereal at this hour!
The cracks in the ceiling have never held so much power...
Above me is a ceiling
But I see nothing
Wondering if this is good or bad
It's 12:15am and
I feel hunger
Quite alien from those as a child I remember having had...

I'm almost tempted to tap out, like a court stenographer, the stoned-out fight which emerged from drunken goodwill and car fixer-up shit between my neighbor and whoever else is over there with him.
All I hear are raised voices and "I don't wanna fightchoo, man! I don't wanna fight, no!"

Awwwwww... I kinda see hugs and a bit of puking. All is well with the world, then.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I So Got 80's... and remembered my Mom.

One of my sisters is getting maaaarrriiied this Sunday.
I am actually so psyched, I am likely to poop myself. Adult diaper-poop-catcher-things? Anyone? Eh...

So for my sister, bride-to-be, I collected a bunch of tunes she wants for the party-time, and I want to be both nutsy dancing and sobby fetal. Does this make any sense?
Likely not. But once upon a time,
We were, for a time, very close.

Anyhoots.. I will be crying beside me mum... and me pappy... giving away, on his Father's Day... one of his own..

I am a Safe Person!

As we see here, I have new motorcycle-bitch-helmet-and-goggs. Tres sexy, no?
No? No, you say? Well, then. Fuckety you, you piece of crap. Why you lookin' anyways?

And, NO... these are not eggs in my eyes (as my boyfriend thought when he saw the photo). But What does that say about me? *snif*... I kinda like that my lovey believes that nothing is beyond me...Whoooo! Can I say Whoo again? So, WHOOOO!!